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Norway possible iternerary

Can someone tell me how this looks. I was originally going to do an escorted tour but none looked good... really wanted to focus on one country...I find going around countries you miss a lot

July 5 leave Portland Oregon
July 6 iceland stopover
July 7 Oslo. Arrive in Oslo either at 540 am or 1220 p.m. Explore Oslo. Fly to tromso
July 8 hurtigruen southbound
July 11 Trondheim explore go to Aleusund overnight aleusund
July 12 geiranjerfjord .overnight andalaces
July 13 Godoy tour overnight andalaces
July 14 trip to roros via train. train or evening flight to Oslo
July 15 glacier fjord tour with authentic Scandinavia
July 16 naerofjord overnight flam. Continue glacier tour with authentic Scandinavia
July 21 leave Oslo at 340 p.m for flight back to us

The glacier tour I am referring to is

I've never planned an independent trip solo so it helps to have it arranged somewhat.

Also best way to get from aleusund to geiringerfjord. Tours? I'd like to see the fjord and see the troll road. No interest in renting a car...not when I'm doing this trip completely solo.

Any suggestions? Anything not worth it. Is there a place to store luggage at train station or something? Also I really want to see a Stave Church

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