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Norway NiN route

My husband and I are planning a trip to the Scandinavian Countries in late May (hoping to beat the crowds). Are plan to include Bergen and Oslo with an overnight stop to do the NiN. My question: considering the cruise ships that bring tourist along the Naeroyfjord, is there any advantage regarding crowds to travelling in the direction of Bergen to Oslo (starting the nutshell tour at Voss) compared to traveling Oslo to Bergen (Flam being the start of our nutshell tour). Which direction to the cruise ship go?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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Honestly, we were there in July, height of the tourist season and we did the NIN from Oslo to Bergen. There were no crowds in my opinion. Bergen’s fish market was a tad crowded, but thats the only time I noticed there were lots of people.
In late May, I definately would not worry about it.

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End of May you will find no big crowds, even if the hotspots will have some tourists. Likely more tourists do the NiN to than from Bergen. Obviously the Naeroyfjord tourist ships drive into both directions, otherwise there would be no more ships from Flam to Gudvangen :-) There is also a bus shuttle.

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We went in September where there was a full crowd on the ferry going in the Bergen to Oslo direction. But the ferry is large and you're able to move around so it's not too bad. Two tips: dress warmly because it's much colder/windier in the fjords than on land. And stand in the "back" of the ferry which will then become the "front" when it turns around at departure.