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Norway Iten - thoughts / any changes needed?

Good evening

I had posted a question yesterday and based on the responses and my research I have come up with an iten for Norway and need feedback if it works or I need to make any changes / modifications?

August 24 Thursday (Day 1) : Land in Oslo around 2:30 pm from Copenhagen, spend day in Oslo
August 25 Friday (Day 2) : Free day Oslo to sightsee and other things (have a friend who lives here & we are going to meet them)
August 26 Saturday (Day 3) : Oslo - Flam via Norway in a Nutshell to Flam (Stay night in Flam or Aurland)
August 27 Sunday (Day 4) : Flam - Gudvagen (via Fjord Cruise) and then Drive to Balestrand (Stay night in Balestrand)
August 28 Monday (Day 5) : Enjoy day in Balestrand or half day trip to glacier hike (Stay night in Balestrand)
August 29 Tuesday (Day 6) : Balestrand to Bergen (see all sights on the way) (Stay night in Bergen)
August 30 Wednesday (Day 7) : Entire day to explore Bergen (Stay night in Bergen)
August 31 Thursday (Day 8): Bergen - fly back to ORD or another Eu city (still deciding)

1) I am still trying to figure out where to rent a car from - I am thinking rent in Flam and drop off at Bergen
2) We have an extra day if we want, we can always fly back to the US on September 1st as well, so should we use an extra day and see more of Norway and if so what?
3) Any changes to make in the iten? Should we stay in Flam or some other place
4) Any recommendations as well please.

Thank you.

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You should stay wherever you can get a room. I fear it's going to be a lot harder than you anticipate to find a room of any sort in Flam or Aurland. You can also check Gudvangen (geographically convenient if not exciting). Have you already got two nights booked in Balestrand?

I don't know anything about car-rental options on the south side of the Sognefjord; you can check Flam, Aurland, Gudvangen and perhaps also Voss. Voss is about an hour from Gudvangen and is a place known for outdoor activities. It may have a rental-car agency. I don't know whether you're going to have problems booking a car at this point. If you do, you might try the consolidators AutoEurope, Kemwel and Gemut. They work with multiple agencies and might have a handle on availability somewhere that would work for you.

I'm all for adding time. You're short on time in Oslo (especially) and in Bergen.

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I do have an air bnb booked, since it is end August I seem to be able to get rooms / hotels etc. I am having an issue with 1 way rentals right now :(

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You should consider taking the overnight ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo instead of flying. A much nicer experience.

Oslo-Flåm is just a regular train, so it's probably cheaper to buy the trip from than from some tour company if that is what you had planned. You might also want to consider taking a ferry from Flåm to Balestrand. But car rental in the area is not that easy and I don't think you'll be able to rent a car in Flåm and return it in Bergen.

As for where to spend the extra day it depends on what you want to see and do. If you're looking for some city life, spend it in Oslo. If you prefer nature, then somewhere between Oslo and Bergen. Another option is to spend a night in Gothenburg on the way from Copenhagen to Oslo, a charming city that often gets overlooked.

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The itinerary I suggested for you in your previous post includes all of the same destinations but the order works better since it avoids the need for a one-way car rental. If you want another day in Oslo do two nights there and only one night in Kinsvarik.