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Norway in Winter

I'm aware of the Norway in a Nutshell route. That said, I was told by someone that the Dover route from Trondheim to Oslo is more beautiful in winter. Is this true? Thanks!

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I have done the Nutshell (train, boat, bus) Oslo to Bergan via Flam and returned via train. But I have only done the Oslo to Otta via Lillihammer train route and not continued past Otta.

The Oslo to Otta is pretty much a low elevation route following the valley floor. In contrast, the Nutshell route includes the Hardangervidda, Flam railroad and a short fjord boat ride.

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We did the Norway in a Nutshell a year ago starting in Oslo. The Flam Railway was highlight of the trip. The rest of the trip was pretty, but not far from being the most beautiful place we've ever been.
You won't find me in Norway in Winter, as it's really, really cold that far north. We were in Austria and Venice in February one time, and they were even too cold for us.

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Actually, believe it or not, coastal temperatures in Norway are surprisingly mild during the winter. The same gulf stream that keeps much of western Europe considerably warmer than comparable latitudes in North America extends it's influence well to the north of Trondheim. Don't expect toasty weather, but it stays above freezing quite often.

I've experienced this personally. I went skiing in Åre, Sweden, and decided to take a day trip to Trondheim. It was bitingly cold in the Swedish mountains, with highs in the just above -10 C. 3 hour later, after descending into coastal Norway, it was a balmy +10 C.

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I am going to Oslo for six days over president day weekend and I was wondering if Bergen was worth the side trip with the time and cost to get there factored in?