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Norway in November

We're excited to be visiting Norway in November. We have also heard that it's maybe not the best month for activities and sightseeing. Eager to hear your advice on Norway happenings and interesting ideas. Thanks.

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World Music Festival
Oslo, October/November. Oslo World Music Festival takes place over six days every autumn, and aims to reach a broad, music-loving and curious audience with anannual music festival with high artistic quality and social sting. Around 300 artisis from all over the world are performing in around 15 different venues in Oslo. Next: 28 October - 2 November 2014.

Rakfisk Festival
Fagernes, November. A festival dedicated to this very Norwegian culinary speciality. Rakfisk, which literally means brine-cured fish, is trout, sometimes char, that has been salted and left to ferment in brine for two to three months. It is an acquired taste, but judging by the 500 tons consumed each year in Norway, it has its fans. Fagernes in Valdres, Eastern Norway, is the birthplace of rakfisk, and the festival draws thousands of enthusiasts every year. Next: 30 October - 1 November 2014.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival
Fredrikstad, November. The oldest animation festival in the Nordic and Baltic countries, this is an important platform for animators throughout Scandinavia to showcase this increasingly popular art form. The festival, which lasts for five days, features screenings, talks, workshops and events for children, many of which are free.

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"We have also heard that it's maybe not the best month for activities and sightseeing."
You'll want to check other websites to get a feel for:
1) likely range of weather
2) amount of daylight, darkness will terminate your outdoor sightseeing.

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Hi Jeff, I am not sure where you are going in Norway? But I was in Oslo last November, late, late November. It was cold. I do not know where you are from...but have a lot of layers. Good coat, boots, scarf, mits, etc. I was well equipped and did almost everything by foot. I remember taking the bus perhaps once to get to the Fram Museum. It was a great multilingual expo. I also enjoyed the Nobel Price Center (depends what expo they have, it is small but they had a great expo when I was there). I also went to the Norway Resistance Museum. You may want to look these up....depends what your interest are.

I was pleasantly surprised by how ''alive'' was the city. I had some beers on a patio (yes, outside) while it was probably -12; they provided blankets and I had a blast talking football with locals.

I say get up early and do as much as you can while the sun is up! :)

Oh and Oslo trains/airport are so amazing. I think it was there that I scanned my luggage myself...sent it off to in the wait...a nice bonus for me!


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I would be less concerned about weather than daylight hours and opening hours of attractions. In Norway there is no such thing as bad weather.

The shorter daylight hours is a different problem in limiting outdoor activities dependent on sunlight. Oslo November 15: Sunrise at 8:15, sunset at 15:47. Enjoy the night life.

The other is the shorter hours as museums off season hours drop to typically 10:00 to 16:00.