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Norway in Late March/Early April

Hello -

My finance and have round trip flights in and out of Oslo arriving March 27 and departing April 3. We plan to stay in Oslo March 27 & 28 and at the end of the trip April 1 and 2. We'd like to take the scenic train from Oslo towards Bergan and work in the NiN experience with three nights (March 29 - 31). When looking at the ferry fjords it seems like they don't run at that time of year. Is it possible to get the Flam to Bergan ferry at that time?

Thanks for any advice.

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There is no express boat from Flåm during winter. If you want to travel by boat to Bergen then you must travel by bus to Sogndal, stay overnight and catch the 7:05 am boat there.

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Thank you for this information. Is it feasible to : 1) train from Oslo to Flam and then bus from Flan to Sogndal on one day and stay night at Sogndal and then 2) 7:05 am ferry from Sogndal to Bergan the next day?

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Bus from Flåm to Sogndal:
Netbuss NX450 (Bergen to Sogndal stops at Flåm stasjon and terminates at Sogndal skysstasjon)
NX450 timetable shows 4 runs per weekday and 3 runs each weekend day.

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You start your travel from Oslo towards Bergen Friday 29? Then you will arrive in Flåm 1:55 pm and have two possible express busses, 4:53 pm or 8:20 pm towards Sogndal.
You should consider the Nærøyfjord roundtrip, boat from Flåm 3 pm to Gudvangen 5 pm and shuttle bus 5:30 pm to Flåm 5:50 pm.