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Norway in a Nutshell trains

I want to book the standard Norway in a Nutshell trip from Oslo to Bergen in early June. However, I was surprised to see that there is no morning train from Oslo to Myrdal, which is the first leg of the tour. Instead, there is a bus (with stops) to Nesbyen and then the train from there (with more stops) to Myrdal. Has that always been the case? Am I missing something? I thought that part of the charm of the trip was a morning train from Oslo to Myrdal. I would appreciate any information relevant to this issue.

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Recently checking train schedules for our upcoming trip to Norway, I too had noticed that the train from Oslo to Myrdal was replaced by a bus from Oslo to Nesbyen, then a train to Myrdal. But only for the two morning departure times, the ones used by people doing NIN all in one day. In the afternoon, it’s possible to do the whole journey to Myrdal by train. I contacted the tourist office in Flam to ask about this. They told me that from May 2 through June 21, track maintenance between Oslo and Nesbyen is occurring between the hours of 4:40 and 12:15 on weekdays. The train has been replaced by a bus but the total transit time to Myrdal hasn’t changed. Leaving Oslo at 6:25 or 8:25, you’ll still get to Myrdal at the same time you’d have gotten there if it had been the train the whole way.

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Someone has deleted their responses here, making this a confusing thread!!

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I don't know if you are still looking for information, but there is maintenance scheduled on the train tracks in certain locations. We are also taking the NIN tour (3Jun19) and have purchased our tickets for morning departure--but we will be on a bus for first segment between Oslo-Nesbyen. Then we pick up the train to Flam, etc.