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Norway in a Nutshell - too dark in March to enjoy scenery?

Hi Travelers!
We'll be taking the Norway in a Nutshell route in mid-March from Bergen to Oslo. We're planning on leaving Bergen on an early train and are thinking about making the trip in a single day.

  • If we made it a one day trip, would we miss some of the beautiful scenery because the sun will be setting around 5:30 and the train wouldn't get into Oslo until about 10 PM?
  • Would it be better to stop in Flam overnight so that we're not traveling between Flam and Oslo during the evening?
  • If we stay overnight in Flam, we'd stay in the Flamsbrygga Hotel. It looks convenient and relatively comfortable / reasonable.

Thanks to readers of this Forum for your advice in advance.

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I think that if you leave early enough, you will not miss any scenery along the Nutshell route itself.
The train up to Myrdal is worthwhile viewing, especially the waterfall.

My recollection is that the scenery from Myrdal to Oslo is pleasant but not particularly noteworthy.
You'll be going fairly fast anyways.

It's possible to book the trip yourself as well as go through one of the companies. In either case,
knowing when you get to Myrdal and then to Oslo would be good pieces of information.

In addition to Flam, you could conceivably backtrack to Voss for the evening. The Park Hotel is
right next to the train station, and Voss has a little more infrastructure than Flam does. Not sure
it's worth the 45 minute each way backtrack, though.

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When I did Norway in a Nutshell I broke up the trip by spending the night in Flam. I went the other way, Oslo to Bergen, but I'm glad I did it in two days instead of one. It was much less tiring.

I stayed at the Fretheim hotel and really enjoyed their dinner buffet. Spending the evening enjoying the views and sunset were wonderful.

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Checking the weather report for March, and Bergen's average low is 34 degrees F. and the average high is 44 degrees F. They receive precipitation 18 days in the month for a total average of 8 inches. The water keeps their temperatures as warm as it is.

It's hard to get a line on how many hours sunshine they get per day, but it is known to be a cloudy place.

We've been that same itinerary over to Bergen, and we got there about 7:00 p.m. on a fast ferry. Norway is more of a June to September 15th kind of place. The Flam train ride down into the fjord was our favorite part of the trip.

The young adults of Bergen are the most breathtakingly beautiful people we've ever seen. And they're so nice.

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I would stay in Flam for a night in hopes of seeing more scenery in daylight hours.

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I'd go ahead and book a (cancellable) room in Flam as soon as you figure out what date you might need it. Although March is definitely not a busy time of year there, I wonder whether some of the few local hotels might not be open then.

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In mid-March Norway will have just about the same number of daylight hours as your home, since the equinox is March 20 when every place on Earth gets 12 and 12.