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Norway in a Nutshell question

Is Norway in a nutshell doable in one day and from Bergen and end in Bergen? I'm planning a trip for May 2018 and trying to figure out how many days in Bergen prior to a Baltic cruise. Can you stop and stay at a hotel one night?

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Have you looked at the Norway in a Nutshell website for details? We came out of Oslo @ 8:30 a.m. and got into Bergen right at dark. I assume you're taking a train to Flam, down into the fjord and the fast ferry back to Bergen? I would think it's do-able in a day.

The Flam Railway down into the fjord was the highlight of the trip for us. We stayed about an hour before the ferry left.
We we just loved Bergen. Out of all our travels, they're the most beautiful and perhaps the nicest people we've ever met.

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Yes, it can be done in a day, round trip between Bergen and Flam. It takes around 10 hours.

You can also spend one or more nights along the way.

The best way to learn about the options is at You don't have to book through them; you can buy the various components separately if you prefer. But this will give you a good start in figuring out the different possible itineraries.

It's a wonderful excursion. You'll love it!

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Thank you for your help. The two websites are very helpful. It looks like a wonderful trip.