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Norway in a Nutshell

We will have 3 days to spend in Oslo and are wondering if doing the Norway in a Nutshell as a day trip is the best option? We just don't have enough time to do an overnight, assuming we would need 2 days to experience Oslo. An all day trip sounds amazing and exhausting. Has anyone done it as a day trip and if so, what are your thoughts? Or should we manipulate our total days and try for an extra one to add Bergen as an overnight? We have to fly out of Oslo, and we will be coming from Karlstad (where we are meeting a relative who lives there) via train to Oslo. Thanks for any suggestions.

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I have done "Norway In A Nutshell" in one day, beginning and ending in Bergen. The train departs Bergen in the first phase of the "Nutshell" around 8:30 as I recall, followed by the second phase (bus) third phase (ferry) fourth phase (scenic rail) and final phase (train back to Bergen). If I had more time, I would have broken it up into two or possibly three days. Several stops along the ferry route looked like the stuff dreams are made of.
I also really like Oslo. Trying to manage time in Norway is a serious challenge. I don't know "how long is too long", but I can tell you I didn't want to leave - ever.

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I would definately do it! Yes, exhausting, but worth it! You really can't claim to have seen Norway unless you see its fjords!

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The 24 hour NIN is possible and the poster image of seeing a cross section of Norway in a 24 hour day: Departing the second to last day from Oslo at 8:25 am or so to Bergen (Train-train-boat-bus-train) during the day, walking around Bergen in the late evening then returning on the overnight Bergen Line to Oslo (no boat) a little after 6 am the next morning.

The question would be when does your flight leave Oslo. If it is mid-morning or later, I would suggest leaving most of your baggage at your Oslo hotel left luggage room. When the train arrives, head back to the Oslo hotel, buy a buffet breakfast, retrieve your left luggage and head to the Airport.

If you are pressed for time (morning OSL departure) the Flytoget express train departs from the Oslo S complex every 10 minutes and takes 22 or so minutes to get to OSL:
If you take the overnight train from Bergen to Oslo, you could be at the airport before 7:20 am for a 9 am flight.