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Norway in a Nutshell

I would like a short itinerary from Olso via Bergen and Flam RR, cruise on Sognefjord and other related fjords(Is Aurlandsfjord and Naeroyfjord possible) , reach Bergen and stay overnight , take in sights and then back on night train to Olso. Should I use agent or plan myself? Alternative is to stop in Flam overnight and then continue on to Bergen. Advise on how to do it? Thanks, Ann

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Maybe stay in Balestrand instead of Flam, we’re in Balestrand now and several folks have told us that Flam isn’t all that great. I think you could do all of that stuff by using some legs of Norway in a nutshell combined with Sognefjord in a nutshell, you might call the NIAN folks for help planning it. From Balestrand we did a rib boat up the naeroyfjord and that was amazing, a half day. Stayed at the Balestrand Hotel, we love it. The big Kvicknes Hotel seems overrun with tour groups.

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If you want help planning a trip to Norway (I know we did, logistics with all those bodies of water was intimidating to me) we used Brekke Travel in Grand Forks, ND. They specialize in Scandinavia.

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I did "Norway in a Nutshell" a few days ago. I split it into two days and stayed at the Fretheim Hotel in Flam.. It was very nice and they have an excellent dinner buffet. Two minute walk to both the train station and the ferry.

The only negative was that they were having a heat spell and the hotel is not air conditioned. (Few in Norway are).

I made my own arrangements but most people I spoke to made their reservations through the Norway in a Nutshell website.

I suggest splitting up the trip into at least two days. It is a very long 12 hours if done in one day.

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I stayed at the Kviknes Hotel a few weeks ago. Opted to stay overnight in Balestrand to break up what otherwise would have been a very long day Bergen-Flåm-Myrdal-Oslo. Not many people at the Kviknes - seemed like just a few plus a small tour group - but that was early in the tourist season I guess. Old school charm in the original building; my room shared a bathroom with the adjoining room but there was no one in that room for the one night I was there. Had a huge balcony which made for a nice place to sit, have a glass of wine, enjoy the beautiful view, and watch time go by. Very quiet and peaceful. Very nice dinner and breakfast buffets. Went through Flåm the following day enroute to Myrdal. Huge cruise ship was docked there at the time and the place was swarming with tourists. They were scattered on shore excursions apparently as I didn't really encounter a concentrated crowd or long lines anywhere while killing a couple of hours waiting for the train. Really enjoyed the fast ferry through the Sognefjord. Great way to see it.