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Norway in a Nutshell

My wife and I are planning to take the Norway in a Nutshell tour from Oslo to Bergen. Rather than taking the all night train back to Oslo, we are thinking about spending the night in Bergen and taking a flight back to Oslo the next day. It appears to be a one hour flight in the $60-70 a person range.

My reasoning for this is that sleeping in a real bed and taking an hour-long flight the next day, as opposed to trying to sleep on a train all night, sounds more relaxing and restful, particularly since one of us is a light sleeper.

Has anyone done this before? Anything I should be aware of? How hard is it to get to the Bergen airport?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Taking the overnight back to Oslo is only a cute way to do the whole trip in 24 hours. We did the Nutshell with an overnight in Voss and two overnights in Bergen before returning by the direct Bergen to Oslo train. Flying back will be quicker but the train stations are short walks and train scenery enjoyable.

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We're going to be doing the Nutshell trip the first week in September. Taking 2 trains and a 5 hr. boat ride into Bergen.

Spending 2 nights in Bergen to rest up. Then, we're flying back to Oslo and transferring planes for the trip back to the U.S.

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Flying within Norway makes a lot of sense...we have done it several times and always been glad we did.
If you decide to fly from Bergen to Oslo, you can easily take the "Flybuss" to the airport in Bergen. We just did this a week ago and it was great! It stops very regularly at multiple locations right in town. You pay the driver, take a seat, and go! It starts at the Radisson Blu (just near the Bryggen), then stops right by the fish market, and then several other places right in town. Far cheaper than a taxi!

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Agree with Anita's comments. Only suggestion is to buy prepaid tickets if possible. At the airport where you catch the bus, there is a ticket machine next to the line to get on the bus. Save 10 nok by doing that. ( or online.) Save more by purchasing roundtrip.

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Thanks, everyone. The Norway in a Nutshell from Olso to Bergen with a flight back the next day was a great 24-hour trip. Anyone going to Norway should do the Nutshell -- we're pretty well traveled, and it was the most beautiful scenery my wife or I had ever seen.