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Norway Food to The United States

Can I bring reindeer sausages from Norway back into the United States?
If I cannot, what foods can I bring from Norway to the United States?


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Chocolate! Norwegian chocolate is very good! When I had a software project in Norway we always brought back chocolate to loosen up colleagues when asking for help!

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My husband brought back a gorgeous hock of speck from the alps one summer and almost had a heart attack when customs unceremoniously chucked it into the bin as soon as they found it. No meat comes into the US. Sorry!

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Last time I was there our tour guide got some shrimp paste for us to sample, as it is a Scandinavian delicacy. It comes in a big squeeze tube and you put it on crackers for a snack. Available in grocery stores. I brought one home (un-opened) and the US customs guy was OK with it.
Also products with typical Norwegian fruits are good to bring home - - cloudberry candy, lingonberry jam, etc.