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Norway Fjords Itinerary

I previously posted asking for itinerary help regarding a 14-day trip to Scandinavia in July – flying into Helsinki and out of Oslo. Thanks to the fellow travelers for the advice about how many days to spend in which cities.

The new proposed itinerary:

Arrive Helsinki late afternoon, 3 days in Helsinki with day trip to Tallin
Overnight ferry on Monday to Stockholm arriving Tuesday morning, 3 days in Stockholm
Fly to Bergen (Friday morning) and follow in reverse Nutshell itinerary – 6 days
Arrive in Oslo Wednesday night and spend 2 days, Thursday & Friday
Fly back to US from Oslo, Saturday morning
I have already found information for the overnight ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm and also the flight information from Stockholm to Bergen. Both are reasonably priced to get us to these places.
The part of the itinerary I have questions about is Bergen to Oslo – 6 days. The plan is to rent a car in Bergen and drop it off at Oslo airport Wednesday evening and take a train into the city. I am basing our itinerary on the Bergen and More on the Sognefjord chapters in RS Scandinavia – 13th Edition. After reading "Norway in a Nutshell" I was exhausted and decided to explore this area at a more leisurely pace only in reverse. My husband loves to take photos so we will have more time, too.
Bergen – Friday and part of Saturday, then continue to Balestrand – Solvorn – Laerdal – Aurland – Flam.
Should we base at Balestrand, Solvorn and Aurland ?

Is this enough time to see the sights in this area? I haven't made any lodging reservations or ferry reservations or intra-Scandinavia flight arrangements yet so this part of the itinerary can be tweaked.
I have read posts from other travelers with same query but still need further guidance.

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I don't believe we have anyone here with extensive driving experience in that area, although I did drive there many years ago. Staying in a camping cabin in Aurland is a fond memory, but not unique to that spot. 4-5 days on the road sounds like plenty of time to poke around and be flexible.