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Norway Fjord visit – help with details

My husband and I are trying to figure an itinerary for later June. We will be taking the train from Oslo to Trondheim and doing some genealogy, then want to take public transportation, winding back to Bergen. Does this work?
1. Day 1 train from Trondheim to Kongsvoll. Day hike (musk ox) and overnight.
2. Day 2, train from Kongsvoll to Andalsnes, then bus to Geiranger via the Trollstigen. Can’t find details online to see if this timing is possible or not. Stay in Geiranger. Explore/hike late in day.
3. Day 4 – Hurtigruten: Geiranger to Aselund. Leaves 1:30 pm, arrives 6:15 pm
4. Day 5 – Aselund. Places to explore/hike?
5. Day 5 – Hurtigruden: Aselund to Bergen. Leaves at 1 am, arrives Bergen at 2:30 pm. No cabin.
Since cabins on Hurtigruden are already sold out, are we OK to reserve “walk on/lounge” places with our small roll-on bags for this 13 hour trip?
6. Day 6 – fly Bergen to Stockholm.
Suggestions and recommendations for accommodations also very welcome – Trondheim to Bergen.
We were in Norway 10 years ago in March, and took the train from Oslo to Bergen, then back to Finse to ski. So no need to spend lots of time in Bergen again.