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Norway Bergen→Oslo (and in between) Nov Itinerary (incl NiN)

We are planning our Norway itinerary and would like some guidance! This is the second to last week in November.

We fly into Bergen around 4pm on Sunday. We fly out of Oslo early in the morning on the next Tuesday. That's 8 days not including the travel into and out of Norway.

We definitely want to include the NiN one way from Bergen to Oslo on this trip. Since this is winter I'm just not sure what is going to be good options. We don't ski, but wouldn't mind tromping around in the snow (on a something guided). We don't usually like to rent cars when we travel, but opt for public transport instead.


  1. How long should we plan on being in Bergen? One overnight and leave on the NiN the next day? We're interesting in the funicular, Bryggen, fish market, museums (maybe Hanseatic and Kunstmuseum), maybe Ulriken643 + restaurant (can you even get to the cable car in winter without the tour bus?), are we missing anything that is must see?

2A. We were hoping to do some sort of fjord seeing in Sognefjord, even staying a night in Balestrand after an express boat trip, but it seems like that boat doesn't run, and most of the things there mostly closed in the off season? Is it possible to get close to a glacier in the winter? Maybe someone runs tours I'm not aware of? Is it too cold, dangerous at that time of year?

2B. Barring Balestrand, maybe create a night stopover in Flam on our NiN trip? Are things open in Flam during the winter? Restaurants? Head to Aurland (do the buses run)?

2C. How else to get out on the water? FjordSafari from Flam?

  1. How long should we plan in Oslo? We like museums (and in winter that seems like a good option), National Gallery, Munch, Norwegian Resistance Museum, Ski jump, which others? Go to Bygdøy for the Fram, Kon-Tiki, Viking ship, folk museums (and Vigeland statues)? City hall?

  2. With all that, is there time to head to Tromsø for a chance at the northern lights? We'd probably have to roundtrip flight from Olso, as the NiN train ride is a big reason why we want to be in Norway.

Thanks, everyone, in advance!

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Bergen is worth at least a full day with two nights just to do the walking around things and museums in the Hanseatic Bryggen and central Bergen area. Oslo is worth at least two full days (three nights) and possible three full days. The Nutshell one-way from Bergen to Oslo would take a full day, more if you wanted to stop on the way to take a side excursion.

What to do in Bergen and Oslo has been the topic of recent (past few months) forum discussions.

You should realize that November means short daylight periods in southern Norway. Expect only 8 hours of daylight with sunrise about 8 AM and sunset about 4 PM. Twilight gives you an extra 45 minutes or so of light at each end. The 4 PM sunset may match early closing of attractions. The ferry to Bygdøy doesn't run late fall to early spring but Bus Line 30 from Oslo S runs frequently. Tram to Holmenkollen will take you to the ski jump and museum. You may get a chance to play in the snow. Check the short term forecast to plan which days you do outdoor vs. indoor attractions.