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Norway 10 or 15 Days - Another Country Possibly Added

We are planning our summer travels for next year and we would really appreciate some feedback/advice.

We are considering going to Norway for 10 days/nights and then travel to the Alsace region of France for 5 days/nights.

Our Norway time would look something like this:

1) Oslo
2) Lofoten Islands
3) Lofoten Islands
4) Lofoten Islands
5) Lofoten Islands
6) Lofoten Islands
7) Lofoten Islands
8) Bergen
9) Norway in Nutshell (overnight in fjords area)
10) Olso
...then onto France for 5 nights.

We could skip France all together and extend our time between Bergen and Oslo but we are not sure. Our main draw in Norway is the Lofoten islands and since we will already be in Norway it also makes sense to squeeze in the NIN route too. Overall we are not big fans of cities...the landscape is what we love...and even cute small towns are okay.

I guess my question is...would there be enough to do to fill up our remaining time in Norway if we skip France? Or would we get a good overview of lower Norway in 3 days to allow us the travel time for France?

Thanks in advance everyone.

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You could certainly add a second night in the fjords area. I stayed two nights in Balestrand and rented a car for a day to see some fabulous scenery. I would have liked more time to do some hiking in the area. I didn't see a single other tourist the entire day.

You could also visit other beautiful parts of Norway. Here are some websites that might give you ideas: (I did the Gaularfjellet route for part of my Balestrand day trip)

Or just do a Google search for beautiful places in norway.

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Not understanding your interst, I would add on more time in Norway. Add a couple of extra days in Oslo at the start would help reset your biological clock and visit some of the many Norwegian cultural sites in Oslo. If outdoor activities are of interst, Norway has many including the Jotunheimen natural areas:
or tourist attractions such as Pulpit rock hiking:

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Agree with Edgar. Additionally, I would encourage you to bring eye shades for sleeping if a less-than-completely-dark room will bother you. While the hotels will have heavy curtains, light sleepers like me may need additional help during the summer there. This "Land of the Midnight Sun" will experience round-the-clock daylight (varying degrees) from late-May to mid-July north of the Arctic Circle. (Or maybe you knew this and it's one of the reasons you're going to Lofoten?)