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NIN with Bike ride into Flam

I am planning Bergen to Oslo with an overnight stop in Flam. I would like to do the bike rental at Mydral and come back down into Flam. Do I need to buy a separate Flam to Mydral ticket?We plan do doing this either the day we get into Flam or the following morning before we head to Oslo. When we continue on to Oslo would i be doing the same train ride i did to get to the bikes? Any other suggestions how to do this?

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Hey there, just curious if you got your answer as I wanted to do the same thing.

I am thinking we would end up taking the same train tho.

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Sorry I have not received any replies. Just bummed if I would have to pay for the train twice. I am not going until summer of 2019, so if you go before that please let me know what you did

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If you ride twice you pay twice. There is no day ticket on the Flåm railway.
Café Rallaren in Myrdal, where you rent the bike, offers to store luggage (price unknown).
If you can cope with a daypack during your stay in Flåm, then you can travel by train Bergen-Myrdal, bike Myrdal-Flåm, do a roundtrip Flåm-Gudvangen-Flåm with boat/shuttle bus, and finally train Flåm-Myrdal-Oslo.