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NiN - Return to Oslo or to Bergen

We will be doing Norway in Nutshell trip when we are visiting Norway this June. We will be starting from Oslo. There are two routes - Oslo -> Myrdal -> Flam -> Gudvangen - > Voss - > Oslo
And the second - Oslo -> Myrdal -> Flam -> Gudvangen - > Voss - > Bergen.
I was inclined to take first one, as it does not need me to carry my luggage along with me and I don't have to change my hotel.
If I am taking this route, will I be missing lot of things? Is Voss -> Bergen route scenic route is too good to miss?

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I'm afraid I can't answer your specific question, because I did Sognefjord in a Nutshell when I was there last May, starting in Oslo and ending in Bergen, so I didn't do the Voss-Bergen leg.

I can say, however, the Bergen is a delightful city to visit (though it is likely to be crowded with tourists in June, especially if there are cruise ships in port). So in addition to any responses you get about the Vos-Bergen route, consider whether you'd like to spend a couple of nights in Bergen.

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I agree with Lane. The main factor in choosing your NiN route should be, are you going to Bergen or not? Personally, I loved Bergen more than I liked Oslo, so if it's possible for you to spend at least one night there, I'd recommend that.

For me, the most memorable part of the NiN was the Myrdal to Flam train ride, then the Gudvangen to Voss bus ride and the Flam to Gudvangen boat ride. The train rides at the ends (Olso to Myrdal and Voss to Bergen) were fine, but not as special. So, I wouldn't choose to go to Bergen, or not go to Bergen, just based on the train ride.

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Thanks guys for response. Actually we don't have Bergen in our itinerary. We were considering to stay there only as part of NiN. We are kind of people who hate to change hotels frequently. We prefer to stay in one place for 4 nights rather than than 2 nights each in 2 cities. So I would prefer to drop Bergen, and consider the first route. By doing so I would avoid changing hotels.