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NIN - Please help!

Hi, after too much reading I am now indecisive and afraid to make the wrong choice. So we have 2 days to do NIN end November. Option 1 - Oslo - Myrdal - Flam - Gudvangen - Voss - Bergen This trip will start at 8:25 in Oslo and end at 22:00 in Bergen. Then have the next day to explore Bergen and maybe do a day trip to Rosendal. This does sound if it could be too long and me ending up with a grumpy boyfriend. Thoughts?
Option 2 - Oslo - Voss (Overnight) Voss - Gudvangen - Flam - Myrdal - Bergen.
Any suggestions on where to stay over in Voss?

How would we get from Voss - Gudvangen? I had a look at the buses but it seems that the first bus out is only at 10:35 (Its a Saturday)
Gudvangen - Flam we'll take the slow ferry
Flam - Myrdal - Bergen we'll take the train.
Any suggestions on Bergen accommodation?
What do you think of my itinerary?
Appreciate ANY advice, tips or suggestions!
Thank you!

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Hi V.- we're looking at visiting Norway in April 2016 (but haven't been before) and are weighing the many options, too, so here's my 2 cents worth. By late November, it will be getting dark pretty early. Depending on your mealtime requirements, a looooong day getting to Bergen might not make a suitable dinnertime convenient, either. The Voss option over 2 days would seem to be a more pleasant route, if your timing allows it. Of course, no telling right now what the weather will be, but I'm guessing you will be prepared for anything and will have a great NIN time, regardless.

I'm surprised there wouldn't be an earlier bus from Voss to Gudvangen, although we haven't really studied the bus timetables and may wind up driving a (really expensive) rental car rather than using the trains/bus. Are you planning on booking your own transportation, or are you booking thru a NIN tour company that might have workable transportation from Voss to Gudvangen for you?

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We overnighted in Flam - granted it was long ago and in spring but it was a lovely stay . It was very easy - just when the rest proceeded to the next leg , we went to a hotel ( I think it was the Lodge - right at the boat/rail way - an older charming hotel)

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We did the Nutshell on our first trip to Norway over 10 years ago. We did your Option 1 route but did it over 3 nights and 4 days.

First night in Voss at the Fleischer's Hotel near the train station. Great breakfast but not much to see in Voss. Two night's in Bergen with a lot to see and do in Bergan. Took the day train back to Oslo, but the night train or flying is an alternative.

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Hi Cyn, yes I am making our bookings etc myself. I will contact the bus company re times alternatively we'll probably use a taxi. Its not that far. If you are going in April, I will be able to give you good advice after our trip :)