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Nin or Driving OSLO to Begen

We are planning a 6 day trip in Norway this coming July with 1 or 2 day in Balestrand, 1 or 2 nights in Bergen. We're struggling between option 1, using the NIN to do the Naeroyfjord cruise, the Flambana, the bus ride, breaking in Flam with speedboat to Balestrand, do 1 day car rental for scenic drives around Balestrand, the Sognefjord and anything doable around the area.
Option 2 is to take one way rental car from Oslo to Bergen which would not be very cost effective, besides, as far as we know, there isn't much scenic drive from Oslo to Flam, please help if you have any idea of scenic drive along the way oslo – flam in case we decided to go with this route. I was reading an old post with a similar itinerary with Mark's response, I am interested in learning in details of Mark's comments, and anybody suggestion about an optimized idea to save expensive one-way rental fee and to achieve what we plan for this trip, 'Take train Oslo - Voss (no NiN, no exit in Myrdal to Flam). Get car there and drive a loop Gudvangen, Flam, Aurlandsfjell, Kaupanger, Balestrand back to Voss. Return car and get back on train to Bergen (no NiN)', so my question is with this plan, how do we squeeze in the Naeroyfjord cruise, the Flambana and the bus ride which are, from what I’ve been reading, the must have, or if we should see everything follow Mark's suggestion? Any help would be really appreciated.

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I guess you talk about my earlier comment. I am a fan of exploring Norway by car because it gives me most freedom and choice where to be next - also to avoid the crowds. Believe it or not but there are fjords, beautiful places and scenic routes where you find nearly no tourists. So, to me option 1 is no option even if it is for a lot of tourists a meaningful option of a few days Norway exploration.

Oslo - Bergen: There are so many route options. Most people just drive the Hardangervidda and follow the shortest route from Eidfjord via Hardanger Bridge. As truck driver this is a good idea - but as a tourist?

how do we squeeze in the Naeroyfjord cruise and the Flambana

Stop in Flam. Do Flambana and after that the Naeroyfjord cruise, take shuttle bus back to Flam.

and the bus ride

It is the drive from Voss to Flam. Stop at beautiful Trollafossen / Tvindefossen. Stop shortly at Oppheimsvatnet and drive Stalheimskleiva on your way.


Update: on another travel forum a freshly published trip report ended with the sentence

My tips to anyone planning to come here is give yourself time to
explore and not be rushed, if you can rent a car and drive do that
instead of trying to do the Norway in a Nutshell. There is so much
beauty to be seen here I don't think it matters which part you end up