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NiN one way? with luggage?

We will be spending a few days in Oslo and Bergen at the end of August/beginning of September. We are considering taking the train from Oslo to Bergen, then on another day doing the NiN tour round trip from Bergen, although I realize we will be repeating some of that same train route. The other option is taking the NiN on our way from Oslo to Bergen, but I was wondering if that would be cumbersome doing that with luggage (even if we pack light, since we'd be doing that one way we'd have to be shlepping luggage on four different modes of transportation that the NiN trip requires). Also, it seems that if we start in Oslo the NiN requires a very early start and makes for a very long day. Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.

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Transfer distances are short. For example, the Bergen Railroad to Flam Railroad at Myrdal is just walking across the platform. Flam Railroad to boat is a short walk.

When we did the NiN, the train from Oslo departed about 8:30 am. Just looked up the timetable:
Oslo S at 08.25
Myrdal at 12.58

Myrdal at 13.27
Flåm at 14.25

And yes, its a long day if you to the Oslo to Bergen in a single day. We spent the night in Voss and took the regional train (about 1:20) to Bergen the next morning.

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NiN has a luggage service which will pick up & deliver to your designated hotel. Also for NiN you can start from Oslo using the 8:30 am train & reach Bergen by 9pm. We are planning something similar.

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If you haven't made your plans yet, I suggest splitting the trip into two days. Make an overnight stop in Flam.

I had luggage but the distances are so short between transfers I think the longest I walked was at the Oslo train station.

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I just did the Oslo-Bergen NIN with a carry on and small backpack. No problems. The distances between transportation modes is short. Plus plenty of luggage space on trains, boats and buses. It is a great trip.