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NiN bus question

I have finally booked everything for my NiN tour (huge mistake to do it myself rather than just buy a prepackaged tour!) I have one question though. I have booked the train coming from Bergen to Voss (8:43-9:46).

Question is this: Do I need to pre-book the bus from Voss to Gudvangen? Or just pay the driver cash upon boarding?
Okay, more questions: Is there only one bus or is there a chance I will take the non-scenic bus by mistake?
I have booked the boat from Gudvangen to Undredal 12:30-14:05. Is that enough time for the scenic bus to get to Gudvangen?


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Sorry that I can't help you specifically with answers to your question. My advice is to check the Norway forum on Search for answers to your questions there. You might want to post this question there as well. Post it in the general Norway forum rather than in any specific forum. The people responding on it are typically very knowledgeable about NiN questions and other specific details that you are seeking in this post.

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It seems like my previous reply disappeared. I'm trying again, and sorry if this shows up twice.

I got the following itinerary by booking directly with Fjord Tours.
24 August 2017
Bergen Railway leaving Bergen at 8:46, arriving Voss at 9:56
Bus leaving Voss at 10:10, arriving Gudvangen at 11:20
Fjord Cruise leaving Gudvangen at 12:30, arriving Flam at 14:50

I believe you want to take the same 10:10 bus to Gudvangen, as that should be the scenic one. As you can see, it arrives at 11:20 giving enough time to get on a 12:30 boat.

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Thanks CathyA! I wonder if I can use the bus though, since I did not book the tour. Do you know if you pay cash for the bus when you get on? Or is it included as part of your package?

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Ok, so I used the chat feature on and got this answer:

You: I have booked everything for my NiN trip except the scenic bus from Voss to Gudvangen. Can anyone get that bus or only if the entire tour is booked through your website?
Jorid: The bus between Voss and Gudvangen is run by the local buses, not by us.
Jorid: As far as I know you cannot book these tickets in advance, only buy them directly on the bus.

So that puts the last piece of the puzzle together for me.

Thanks again for your help.

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My understanding is that if you book a package, you get a ticket or voucher for use on the bus, but it's just a public bus that anyone can walk up to and pay the fare in cash if they wish.