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Nigard Glacier as Side Trip from Norway in a Nutshell In June

Hello! I am spending a few days in Norway and would like to do the Norway in a Nutshell from Oslo to Voss and back to Oslo, stopping mid-way through for some time to explore the Sognejord region. Ideally, I'd like to stay in Balestrand two nights and day trip to the Nigard Glacier. However, I don't really want to drive! The guidebook says that the public transit options to the Nigard Glacier only run in July-August - I'll be there in June. Does anyone have any suggestions for day tours or private guides or some other way to see and hike on the Nigard Glacier without renting a car? I'm not married to the idea of staying in Balestrand...if there is better place to stay, that would be fine. If not, does anyone know where a good home base would be where I could rent a car (must be automatic) for just 1-2 days? I'd rather do Norway in a Nutshell via public transit. The only thing I can find online is a tour company that does a Norway in a Nutshell + Glacier visit, but it requires me to go all the way to Bergen - would prefer not to do that. Thanks in advance!

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