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This would seem to be a very expensive project. Not sure it would be worth the cost.

Some of our new politicians in the USA advocate rail rather than air travel to help the environment. Not sure this would benefit the environment over sea travel.

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"Worth" is in the eye of the beholder. The article clearly establishes the worth to Norway: " parliament (Stortinget) has a long-term goal to develop the E39 as an improved and continuous Coastal Highway Route between the cities of Kristiansand in the south and Trondheim in the north by 2050."

The estimated cost is quoted as NOK 340B or about USD 40B at current rates. I suspect that a Government that typically runs budget surpluses, is sitting on a SWF of over USD 1T, understands that it is a 30 year project, is willing to do lots of up front research and has a long history of applying technology to enhance transportation infrastructure for economic reasons ("Sixty per cent of Norway’s export goods are produced on the west coast, so an efficient and predictable transport system will be a great benefit for the national economy") is capable of doing a prudent job of it. Driving around the fjord country I saw the previous efforts upgrading the highway system and I was impressed with what they've accomplished so far. I'd bet on it happening in some fashion. The only sad thing about it for tourists is that we won't get the best view of a fjord from the tunnels. The ferry rides are kind of quaint and relaxing. RS described them as "mini cruises".

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Sixty per cent of Norway’s export goods are produced on the west coast

So, basically oil, gas and fish plus related products? For all three this improved street traffic system has not a big value contribution.

At horizon of 2050+ it is very questionable that street-based transport plays a growing logistical role, e.g. transport drone and autonomous ships (example). Furthermore in that region if climate change makes that region warmer - where is the real need?

But economically large infrastructure projects can make people / voters happy and proud over a long period of time. And money is not the issue., with that largest single state fund Norway is richer than some of the Arabic oil producing countries - even Saudi Arabia hides its #1 position cleverly in a few funds.