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Myrdal stopover of 3 hours


My wife and I will be traveling to Norway in July and I have managed to book the train from Oslo to Myrdal at 8:25am to 12:58pm.

Problem is the next train that leaves from Myrdal only leaves at 15:59 which is quite a loooong stopover in Myrdal and I believe there isn't much to do. I'm going to follow up and check again as time passes for cancellations on the NSB website. But any other recommendations or things to do in Myrdal, if any?

My wife and I are both in our late 20s :)

Thanks so much

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Where are you heading from Myrdal? If you're going to Flam on the Flamsbana, I am sure there are more frequent trains that wouldn't require a 3-hour wait. If you're continuing westbound toward Voss, couldn't you just stay on the same train? I think most of the trains from Oslo to Myrdal continue at least as far as Voss, and possibly all the way to Bergen.

Myrdal is a few houses and a train station and that's it. You could hike for a few hours I guess. There are storage lockers at the train station in Myrdal.