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Manheller to Fodnes Car Ferry

We will be traveling in a car from Solvorn to Aurland. We will need to take the Manheller to Fodnes ferry. I have a couple questions:
- when should we arrive to get right in the boat? I’m planning to be at the ferry at 8am but should I plan to be there sooner ? I would like to avoid a long wait as we have plans in Aurland.
- Is it hard to find the car ferry entrance? I am planning on using google maps to provide directions. Will that work?
- I understand there are no advance reservations available. My understanding is that you show up in your car and you pay when you drive your car onto the ferry. Is that correct?

Any advice provided would be appreciated !


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  • It depends, they will load the ferry a few minutes before departure. But if you are in the back of the queue there is always the risk that you will have to wait for the next one.
  • No, you can't miss it. No need for google maps (which probably won't work that well).
  • Correct. If you have a Norwegian rental car it will probable have an autopass, so payment will be automatic.