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Luggage weight during tour

For a RS tour do they weigh luggage for buses or can we stuff after we land in scandanavia

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In 10 tours, I have never seen luggage weighed, or any concern about size of luggage as long as you can manage it by yourself.

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Agree with Liz’s comments.
My advice is to pack very light, though. I didn’t think I could but packed a small carry on and a small bag and I was fine. Everyone else is in the same situation so you don’t need to worry about wearing the same outfit or being super dressy. Just be comfortable. Make sure you bring good comfortable shoes!
If you plan on flying to any other European destinations before/after your trip make sure the airline is equipped to take your luggage. They make have more stringent rules. Usually a carry one works for that but you may need to double check.
Happy travels!