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Luggage transfers to AirB&B for Oslo to Bergen Norway in Nutshell tour

We are doing the Oslo to Bergen NIH train trip and were wondering if anyone has used Rick's recommended "PorterserviceAS" luggage transfer service, to transfer their luggage from their hotel in Oslo to an Air B&B rental in Bergen. We don't want to schlep our luggage (large suitcases) thru all the transfers.

I have read reviews where people have had luck doing this from hotel to hotel, but would like to know if anyone had this service to an Air B&B rental. Our concern is that the luggage would arrive before we do, since we would not arrive to our rental until after 9:30 at night.

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I haven’t used the service, but I noticed on their booking form they state,
”We can pick up and deliver from/to private apartments and AirBnB's after further agreement.”

I think your best bet would be to contact them directly and find out if they can accommodate your circumstances. I speculate that someone will need to be at the AirBnB to receive the luggage, so that could mean an adjustment to the delivery time or coordination with the airbnb owner.

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How will you be getting access to your Air B&B? If the host is not on the premise the luggage transfer agent would not just drop off your luggage on the B&B's door step. Hotel's have staffed reception desk that can accept deliveries. If the B&B does not have a host that could accept delivery, you may have to schedule luggage delivery for the mornihg after you arrive then hang around waiting for delivery.

You need to check with your B&B host and the transfer company.

The luggage will be delivered at 9:00 pm (at the latest) at the
destination hotel, the same afternoon. To and from hotels downtown
cities. If you arrive at your destination hotel one or two days later,
we or the hotel, will store your luggage for free until you arrive.

NOK 300 per item between hotels. NOK 400 per item for delivery to
apartments or AirBnB's....

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Thanks Laura and Edgar! I contacted my Air BnB landlord and he said that he would not recommend dropping off my bags in front of my apartment, since neither he or anyone else would be available to receive my luggage. I then contacted the luggage forwarding service and they worked with me to find an acceptable solution. They will drop off my luggage early the next morning, which will work out perfect for us.