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luggage on the Norway in a Nutshell tour

I am hoping to do the Norway in a Nutshell tour as a way to transition from Oslo to Bergen. The major thing that concerns me is dealing with our luggage. As we will be flying into Oslo and out of Bergen, we have no choice but to bring it with us.

Has anyone done the tour bringing their luggage along on the trains, boat and bus? How has it been for storage on each of the transportation legs, do you have to drag it around Flam or is there a storage facility that can be used, how difficult is it to make the connections between each form of transportation when you are dragging luggage?

Any other tips and suggestions other than travel as light as possible?



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There is plenty of room for luggage on each leg of the journey: trains/boat/bus. I recall from the boat stretch that the front of the ship had a small mountain of bags on it, as everyone else was bringing their stuff with them as well:) You'll have to do a bit of lugging around between legs, but it's not too bad.

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"Travel as light as possible" has to be the top tip. Rick's Scandinavia book (p. 298) mentions a little red shed at the head of the train tracks at Flam station, which serves as a left-luggage depot, 25 kr/day, ring bell if there's no attendant when you return (but before 19:45 or confirm timing in person).

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The Norwegian trains will accomodate luggage. The Oslo to Myrdal is a a long distance train and has overhead racks that can hold large backpacks. The cars also have end storage closets. If you are traveling when all of Oslo is heading for the Hardangervidda for a holiday in the mountains, the luggage closets will be packed. We did the Nutshell tour at the start of Easter week and the luggage closets were over filled with skis but everyone managed.

The Flambahn has smaller cars but with only a short leg everyone manages to find spaces for their rucksacks. Boat is not a problem. My recollection is that the bus had a luggage compartment.

We spent the night in Voss and the morning train to Bergen was a local.

All the transfers are short walks. Our connect time at Myrdal was short (Flambahn was waiting so we had to move briskly but didn't need to run). Flambahn to boat connect was generous in time and you can find a spot to leave your bags while looking around.

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I did this exact trip in 2003, and it was very easy (not to mention worthwhile). All of the connections are coordinated, and everyone is making them; so all you have to do is follow the crowds. Unless you have a mobility impairment, you won't have any trouble making the connections while toting your luggage (you won't be the only one).

I had a 24 inch checked bag and a carry-on, and had no difficulty finding space for them on each of the legs. I was most worried about the Flamsbana, as it's a smaller than standard train, but it was fine (the large bag went overhead, and I may have had to put the carry-on in my lap - don't remember). On the regular trains (Oslo to Myrdal and Voss to Bergen), there's plenty of storage space overhead. On the boat, I believe there's a luggage area on deck. And the bus from Gudvangen to Voss is a large Pullman style coach with lots of luggage storage underneath.