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Luggage on NiN?

My wife and I are spending 8 days in Norway - so bringing two suitcases. We are taking the Norway in a Nutshell tour from Oslo to Bergen. I see on the forums that you can take your luggage, and I see there is a service to transport if you don't want to (
How much of a hassle/issue is bringing suitcases on the NiN route?
Any opinions/experience on which is better?
Thank you!

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Assuming you don't have mobility issues and can maneuver and handle your own bags (do not need external help rolling, lifting, etc), in my experience the NIN trip was very easy to do with luggage. Much easier than I expected actually. We had a rolling suitcase and small backpack each - no problems at all. All transportation modes had plenty of luggage space, transfer distances were short, and everything was easy and well-coordinated. The porter service might be useful for those who have lots of bags or can't handle them on their own, or if you are detouring from the main NIN route and don't want to bring everything. Of course, it can also be done purely for convenience too, and then it's up to you whether you think it is worth the money.
Side note: We did use waterproof covers on our daypacks in Norway, which were a small but worthwhile investment. On the fjord cruises and day trips, we always had our daypacks with us and the covers kept our stuff dry (and secure) in the frequent showers :)

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If I remember correctly.....on the Myrdahl to Flam leg they collected luggage on the platform to load into a baggage car. On the ferry portion, there is a dedicated luggage section to put your bags so you don't have to keep them with you as you move about the ship. (All this may have changed as I did this prior to Covid.)

Unless they are massive cases that you have trouble with, it shouldn' t be a problem.

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I did the NiN route in 2022 as a non-athletic, 71-year-old female with a wheeled 24"-25" suitcase, tote bag and purse. No problem whatsoever. I don't remember how luggage was handled on the Flamsbana.