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looking for fjord boat/ferry suggestions. one night trip from Bergen

I was planning on taking a Norway in a Nutshell tour, but after visiting Italy's Cinque Terre each of the last two years I think I'm going to try and avoid excess crowds as much as possible anyway.

I'll be leaving Bergen in the morning of Aug 21 and have a reservation to stay overnight in Balestrand that evening. I need to return to Bergen on Aug 22 at 4:45 (16:45) in the afternoon from Balestrand.

I noticed that the nutshell tours leave Bergen around 8:45 in the morning, I'm thinking about taking the earlier train to Flam which would arrive around 10:35. I'd like to catch an earlier ferry there that might not be so crowded.

I'm open to any suggestions about ferries I can take in this time window that might not be so crowded. I'd like to take two, if not three
ferry rides. Would also appreciate any suggestions on the most scenic rides. If I'm reading the schedule correctly, it looks like I'll miss the Flam/Balestrand express option by a week. Since I'll be staying overnight in Balestrand, is there a rt ferry I can take in the morning and be back by early afternoon.

I've read about a car ferry from Kaupanger. Is this ferry as crowded as the others and could I work this into my schedule? Thanks

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I have taken the ferry from Bergen to Balestrand twice. In the summer, leaving Bergen in the morning. Both times the ferry was "full" but did not feel crowded. My wife and I had no trouble getting a table by a window. At speed it can be chilly on the open deck so no crowd at all there.