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Lodging in Oslo

Can anyone recommend inexpensive lodging in Oslo? I'm open to all ideas. Thanks

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Inexpensive and Oslo usually don't match. But take a look at Scandic, a Scandinavian hotel chain that usually have affordable rooms.

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For once I have pertinent input about a hotel in Europe! I stayed at Coch's Pensionat in Oslo and highly recommend it to folks who need to pinch pennies. It's large (not a B&B-type experience) but family-owned. The rates are extremely reasonable by Norwegian standards. My room (which I think was not the most basic category) was plainly furnished but not tiny. I had a mini-fridge and even a microwave. Having at least a refrigerator is very helpful for budget travelers in Norway because restaurants are blood-curdlingly expensive. There's a small supermarket extremely close to the hotel.

The hotel has an elevator, albeit a tiny one. I think there were two or three steps up from the sidewalk and probably the same inside the lobby. Otherwise, my room was elevator-accessible.

The pensionat is located at the northern tip of the grounds surrounding the royal palace. There's good transportation to the center. I often walked both directions, but it's uphill on the way back at the end of the day.

I don't recall having Wi-Fi issues, but it's a large building and I suppose Wi-Fi might vary from room to room. If that matters to you, I'd recommend mentioning Wi-Fi when reserving so you have a better chance of being assigned a room where it would be strong.

I don't believe the pensionat itself offers breakfast, but I think there's an arrangement with a nearby cafe. I opted out to save money. I ate a lot of cheese-and-Wasa crispbread meals while in Norway.

My one annoyance at Coch's was the hairdryer policy. There isn't a hairdryer in each room. You need to borrow one from the front desk, and you have to return it each day. I complained vociferously about that annoyance (I wash my hair daily). It was clear from the reaction of the reception personnel that they agreed it's a bad policy, but they don't control it. The good news is that I was always able to get a hairdryer in the evening and return it the next morning.

If you're looking for something a bit more upscale, you'll find several moderately priced chains in Oslo that may offer comparatively OK rates if you book well ahead of time--though that will naturally vary by time of year. I believe the business-class hotels are underutilized during the summer when Norwegians head out to the country, so you may find some semi-affordable options on the corporate websites if yours is a summer trip. You can start checking with CityBox (there's one near Sentralstasjon, where I stayed for a few days; rooms are small but newish), Thon and Scandic.

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We stayed at Frogner House. I wouldn't call it inexpensive, but having an apartment with a kitchenette and access to laundry facilities helped us save some money.

We also stayed in a Frogner House apartment when we were in Oslo in September. We stayed in a one bedroom in Helgesens Gate 1 in Grunerlokka. It was a very easy tram ride into the centre of Oslo and there is a really nice walk along the river going both directions from the end of the street. Ostebutikken is a fantastic French bistro and there are many restaurants and cafes in Grunerlokka to try.

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We stayed at the grand hotel. Not very cheap but one of the best breakfast experiences you'll ever have ...