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Last 4 nights in Norway, how to end up in Oslo? And Route help please!

We have 17 nights in country(ies), flying into Stockholm and out of Oslo in mid-Aug. We have booked a treehouse for 1 night near Lilliehammer (the only opening they had) and will have 4 more nights before flying out of Oslo for home--we also will have 2 nights prior (total of 7) in Norway. Struggling with how to structure and what routes to take. We are 2 adults, a 10 yo girl and 12 yo boy. I’ve done a ton of research and just am feeling overwhelmed by options and trying to figure out routing and driving time--we stop a lot on scenic routes. We'll be coming from Denmark, either Copenhagen to Oslo or Hirtshals to Bergen. I've considered flights to Alesund, or the Lofoten Islands. We'd like to do Norway in a Nutshell by train (not mandatory) so we have some time of looking out the window--but the idea of crowds is off-putting. I've also gotten overwhelmed by the 18 routes that of course do not connect and trying to figure out a good routing to see some fjords and the beauty of Norway.

Current overall trip plans:
3 nights Stockholm
1 night en route to Denmark (either via Gothenburg of Malmo--but 1 night more in Sweeden)
2-3 nights Copenhagen and
2-3 nights in other parts of Denmark (still researching—can’t see how we should skip legoland with kids…)
1 night to Norway
7 nights Norway.
As an aside, I am torn about trying to cover so much ground, if we should skip Denmark as I plan to return another time, or skip either Norway or Sweeden...

My husband and I love hiking, would like to show the kids glaciers and fjords, want to spend enough time in the City’s to get a feel, but want to also experience the vastness of the landscape—bonus if we can stay a couple days at a time in places. The kids will tolerate some hikes—if they are interesting. One kid is huge into whales (son), daughter loves being in the country. We don't like to be rushed and hop from one place to the next merely to check a box. Someone talk me down!

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