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Good day all,

Is Kristiansand worth a visit while on vacation in Denmark?

If so what are some hidden gems to see and do while visiting?

And recommendations on where to stay.



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Isn't Kristiansand in Norway, not Denmark?

If you are looking for places to stay in Denmark outside Copenhagen we really enjoyed Aalborg and Aarhus. We got to Aalborg by ferry and train from Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Hi. Yes, it’s a short ferry ride from Hirtshals, Denmark.

Apparently it’s a seaside resort town.

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Yes, it’s a short ferry ride from Hirtshals, Denmark

It's a 3 hour plus hour ferry ride each way. If you have a car you also need to be there at least an hour before departure for boarding. We looked into the ferry from Kristiansand to Hirtshals on our Norway trip, but opted instead for the ferry from Gothenburg, Sweden to Frederikshavn.

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I was there this past September and thought Kristiansand was a lovely seaside town. There’s a nice main town square and older historic area nearby. I found the beachfront with a walking path enjoyable and there is also an old fish market converted to shops and restaurants. A colleague also took me to a very pretty park that holds concerts in the summer with nice walking trails and a small lake. If you have the time, I think it’s a very nice town.

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Maybe, there are certainly things to see there, but how much time do you have? If you just want to do a short trip from norhtern Jutland, Gothenburg is a better option in my opinion.