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Kirkenes to Kiruna

Any fastest way (if possible affordable too) from Kirkenes to Kiruna aside flying? Perhaps we could do a short stopover in between? i really want to do the crab safari at Kirkenes and snow hotel in Jukkasjarvi. will be visiting mid of June.


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The ice hotel at Jukkasjarvi is apparently open only until April. After that, well, it melts! There is a regular hotel on the site as I recall, but the actual one built of ice, and a toasty minus five degrees through the night, is built anew every December I believe and is only open until April.

We were up on the Artci circle in Norway last June and it was just stunning, so maybe leave the Ice Hotel for a winter trip?

Hope you get an itinerary that suits your needs.

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Hi ianandjulie
thanks for the insight, your info really makes me wanting to do the trip even in summer :) because there's a new part of icehotel that's just permanently open called icehotel365. i also just find this out as it only opens this december 2016. i feel it must be our luck that this permanent icehotel just open in coincidence with our summer arrival so though it's very costly i really want to give it a try. i hope the surrounding view would still be as mesmerizing as in winter though. as for activities, i have interest with the sami which also have tours during summer.

btw in regards to transporting from Kirkenes to Kiruna, I've read some transport recommendations. Just wonder if there's any other better option still available. I'll be travelling mid-end of June and only want to spend half day transporting from Kirkenes to Kiruna. I guess this is a minor route taken as not so many topics around about it.

Here are some transport methods that I could find so far:
1. i find recommendation before to fly to Narvik then train to Kiruna. My trip would be around/on 20th June 2017
i found a flight by Wideroe 5.35pm - 7.55pm that only takes 2hrs and 20mnts (stopover for 30mnts at Tromso) but I could not find an appropriate schedule for Narvik to Kiruna train afterwards. The last SJ train would be at 5pm and of course after landing at the airport, i would still need at least another hour to reach the train station

  1. should i better make a separate trips then? it would cost more but save the time. round trip fly oslo - kirkenes then continue my journey south of sweden and denmark then reaching stockholm and fly round trip stockholm - kiruna?

any other recommendations is appreciated.