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Just signed up for Scandinavia tour 2022!!!!

Finally, we’re back to traveling again. I’m making up for lost time! Hope everyone here gets a chance to scratch off at least one item on their bucket list this year.

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Booked our Scandinavia tour also, end of July. We have been wanting to do this one since 2016, but other tours kept jumping ahead of this one. Even though we are booked whole month of June for other Europe locations, told hubs that i wanted to do this tour this year! Especially since we have missed two years of travel to Europe.


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Good for you both, Donald and Kim! We’d planned a Denmark/Norway trip for last summer (celebrating my husband’s retirement), plus Italy in the fall. We’ve switched the Italy portion to Sept. of this year, but Scandinavia is still somewhere beyond the horizon. In the meantime, have some lutefisk for me!

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I’m signed up for the May 22 - June 4 Scandinavia tour, so excited! Two friends are going with me so it will be extra fun.
My grandmother was from Sweden so I’m looking forward to being around my “people”, just kidding. I’m so curious to learn about this part of the world and why the people are so content with their way of life. In America, there seems to be so much rancor, it will be interesting to be in a different culture for awhile. Likely there’s disagreement there as well but since I don’t know the language I can shut it out more easily.
In any case, travel is opening up again and it’s thrilling to use my credit card for a RS tour!

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We're on the July 10-23 tour. My wife doesn't like cold so I figured the middle of July would be ideal for the trip.

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Howdy, Kim!

Looks like we are going to be tour buddies on the same Tour of Scandinavia!!
By the way, this will be my 9th RS Tour.

People keep asking me which one is the best one? Answer: they are all amazing. Love having someone else taking care of the details. All that we have to do is show up! Lol

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Hi Larry....

How cool. Can’t wait to meet you! Hubs 7th and my 8th. I have been waiting to do this since 2016 but it kept being overlooked by others. Ha

Keep in touch!

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I agree with those who are anxious to experience Scandinavian culture and well-cared-for citizens! The beautiful scenery is a bonus. My friend and I are confirmed for the August 13, 2022 Scotland Tour followed by the August 28, 2022 Scandinavia Tour. We were confirmed for these tours before the floor dropped out from under all of us. My husband may fly over after the Scandinavia tour to join me for further travel in Norway. He is a hiker and outdoor enthiusiast. The tour ends in Bergen, so I could be exploring more of that area and points further north. This could make smart packing more of a priority than usual for me. Does anyone have any suggestions for "must haves" and "must sees" post tour?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for "must haves" and "must sees" post

It depends a bit on what you are looking for and in what area?

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Have a great time everybody! This was my first RS tour and I LOVED it! Let me know if you have any questions about the tour.