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June Trip - Itinerary Particulars Sought

30 May – Lax>Oslo Non-Stop

31 May – Arrive Oslo 2:20 pm - fly to Alesund - pick up rental car (stay Alesund)

1 June – Alesund (stay Alesund) [Thinking about Hjørundfjord cruise since still decompressing from long trip]

2 June – Alesund (stay Alesund)

3 June – Alesund to Hejelle via E39 to Åndalsnes and road 63 to 15 [Hjelle Hotel]

4 June - [Hjelle Hotel]

5 June - [Hjelle Hotel]

6 June – Drive Hjelle to Leikanger (staying in Private House on Fjord)

7 June – [Stay Leikanger] - Thinking Hella>Fjaerland Ferry trip

8 June – [Stay Leikanger] -

9 June – Ferry Kaupanger to Gudvangen (early boat)? [stay Leikanger]

10 June – Snow Road? [stay Leikanger]

11 June – Drive to Bergen [drop off rental car after check in] Bergen Apartment.

12 June – Bergen [Bergen Apt.]

13 June – [Bergen Bergen Apt.]

14 Bergen – Oslo Flight - Stay Oslo Airport Hotel

15 Back to LAX

So we're looking for local particulars to work into our itinerary in each place - we don't need to do the tourist things (Flam Railway, Geriangerfjord, etc.) and in fact we prefer the more off the beaten path scenarios - but most of the information you find is about all the touristic places - so hopefully we can get some good suggestions from the world's most helpful travelers!

The itinerary itself is settled, flights, Airbnbs bought and paid for etc.

We're thinking of 2-3 fjords, and including Kaupanger>Gudvangen, Hella>Fjaerland Ferry and Hjørundfjord cruise but to stay away from the major tourist zones. We do have 5 days in Leikanger, so would be interested in other "not to miss" sites accessible from there and very interested in advice for the 3 days at Hjelle Hotel. We'd be especially interested in some hikes - they don't have to be death marches or flat, easy paths - we can huff it when required - but nothing more than 2-3 hours R/T.

Thanks to all for all the good advice freely given!

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I stayed in Balestrand for two nights, and on one of the days I rented a car and did this route:

  • From Balestrand to Dragsvik
  • Ferry to Hella
  • Route 55 to Sogndal
  • Route 5 to Fjaerland
  • Short detour down the west side of Fjaerlandsfjord to Mundal, then back
  • Another detour to the Supphellebreen glacier (which is redundant, because “breen” means “glacier”).
  • Continue on Route 5 to Skei (pronounced like “shy”).
  • Continue on 5 and E39 to Moskog
  • Route 13 back to Balestrand

Since this route went right through Leikanger, you could easily do the same drive starting and ending there. The highlights were the drive along the north end of Fjærlandsfjorden, with some spectacular scenery, the detour to Supphellebreen, where I spent an hour all by myself, and the drive on Route 13. That last portion is describe at I stopped at Likholefossen and hiked round trip to the next waterfall and back. You can actually hike any length of that trail. I believe it's possible to find someone to drop you off at one spot and pick you up at another, but you could easily do a round-trip like I did to suit your timeframe and ability.

There's a spectacular viewpoint ( as you come to the eastern end of route 13. It was still under construction when I was there in 2016, but I stopped along the side of the road and got a sense of the dramatic view you could see from there.

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Thanks so much - we eyed 55 as a possible day trip so nice to get a confirmation on that.

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I wonder if you have reserved a rental car. One way fees in Norway can run up to $1000, but I found that one way returns to Oslo are closer to $100.

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No, our drop fees were very minimal - we got a great deal on