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June 2018: Oslo to Bergen, Fjords, Back to Oslo

Five us will be traveling together, including three adults and two children. We will be landing in Oslo on June 18 and are planning to take the scenic train to Bergen on the 20th if we can get a reservation. We would like to travel from Bergen to see the fjords. We would like to spend the 21st in Bergen and return to Oslo by June 22 or 23. Because of the children, we would like to avoid long drives.

Here are a couple of possibilities we are considering:

  1. After spending a full day in Bergen, take a ferry south from Bergen to Stavanger the next morning and catch a plan to Oslo either late in the same day or early the following morning.

  2. Take a one or one and a half day round trip ferry tour north from Bergen on the 22nd and fly back to Oslo preferably on the 22nd.

Do these options make sense?

Are there great fjords between Bergen and Stavanger. (We don't have to view the "ultimate" fjord.) Would the ferry between Bergen and Stavanger be pleasant? I know that it takes nine hours. Can we reserve that ferry well in advance? I assume we won't need a car.

Is there a great tour or short trip to and from fjords north of Bergen? Can they be reserved well in advance?

We'll appreciate answers or advice concerning any of these questions.

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I haven't been to Stavanger, but if you want to see fjords I'd recommend a day cruise from Bergen to the fjords just east (Sognefjord, Naeroyfjord, etc.). I did it by car so I'm not sure about exact ferries but with just a quick Google search I came up with some options:

I Googled "Bergen fjord cruise" but there's probably quite a bit of info in Rick's Norway book.

Have fun!

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Another approach is to return to Oslo via ferry and train. Take the ferry from Bergen to Flam, the train from Flam to Myrdal, and on back to Oslo. This is easily done in a long day.