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Itinerary review

I’d like to post our itinerary for review and suggestions. We will be in Norway for 17 days (plus two additional days for travel) in September.
Day 1 arrive Oslo, walk around, maybe one museum and rest up
Day 2- Norway in a nutshell- ending for the night in Gudvangen
Day 3- all day kayak on Naeroyfjord, after kayak spend the night in Voss
Day 4- rent a car in Voss and spend the day driving up to Solvorn taking route through Aurlandsvangen to Laerdal overland pass)
Day 5- visits the Urnes Stave Church and bike to waterfall
Day 6- jostedal Niagara Glacier and hour walk on glacier
Day 7- Drive from Solvorn to Voss using the route 13 option with stop at Hopperstad stave church, return car in Voss and take train to Bergen
Day 8- day in Bergen ( walk around Bryggen- (the official walking tour seems to be closed in September), Floibanen Funicular, fish market for lunch, Bryggens or Hanseatic museum,
Day 9- fly to Svolvaer. Overnight in Svolvaer. Begin exploration of Lofoten islands
Day 10 and 11. Spend nights in Reine. ( i haven’t figured out plan yet for Lofoten Islands)
Day 12- overnight boat to Trumso
Days 13, 14, and 15 in Trumso- plans include a bird and wild life cruise ( half day), one organized aurora search trip and looking for other places where we could see it. I’m open to other suggestions for time in Trumso. Also not sure if we should fly out of Trumso in the evening or morning of the next day
Day 16 & 17 Morning flight to Oslo, and full day -
18- fly home

I welcome comments and suggestions. Is this the right amount of time in each place, is it too much?

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Looks doable and without knowing your specific interests it is not possible to feedback on time focus.

An idea can be to do Tromsø first and Lofoten after. Reason is timing of Hurtigruten. The impressive parts Raftsund and Trollfjord you will see in the afternoon when taking southbound ship. Northbound you will reach Trollfjord close before midnight.

On Lofoten let yourself go a little bit. Drive around a little bit exploring left and right.

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Days 4 and 5 We really enjoyed the "snow road" between Aurland and Laerdal. It takes about two hours to drive it, including a 10 minute stop at the viewpoint.

While you are in Laerdal ( a few weeks ago we spent one night Lindstrom Hotel - charming hotel and good food), It is an easy detour to Borgund Stave Church. This is the one that is considered "best preserved" and it also has a good interpretive center.

For Hopperstad, be sure you take a flashlight. The interior is unlit.

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Thanks for the feedback on the itinerary. The reason we had for going to Trumso last was the hope later in September we’d be able to see the Northern lights. I had read that it can be seen after approximately September 15th, and that is also the time of the new moon, so it will be darker. Given that, do you still think we should reverse Trumso and the Lofoten Islands?

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A good start is learning how to spell the places you plan to visit, it will make things easier. It's Tromsø, with an O, not U.

I don't know where you're from and how important the Northern lights are to you, but I would not plan for a trip to see them in September. It's certainly not impossible to see them in September, but I don't believe the odds are in your favour. The darker it gets the more likely you are to see them, but the 15th is no magical date.

Also, Tromsø is to be honest not the best location to see the lights. The coastal location means it can often be very cloudy and the tours might have to drive quite far to actually find a place where they are visible. Assuming there are there in the first place.