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Itinerary help needed

I will be flying into Norway June 11 and out on June 19

I have a family of 4 adult healthy and active adults. We would like to spend more time outdoors than in museums.

A must is the NIN boat tour through Aurlansfjord and Naerofjord.

I’m wondering if the 5 hour train ride from Oslo to Flam is a must do.

We can fly into Oslo or Bergen and out of either one.

We can rent a car to get to the best places.

I was thinking of the following:
- June 11 - 1/2 day walk around Bergen - overnight in Bergen
- June 12 rent car and go to Balestrad - kayaking tour - who do I hire for this? Only one site keeps coming up and I found they are out of business. RS gives no info on kayaking
- June 13 - Balestrad - hiking ? I see some links to hikes in Balestrad that look interesting but are there better hikes elsewhere ? Basically, I’m looking for something fun to do 2nd day in Balestrad. Should we bust Stave church and have that as our only activity?
- June 14 - drive to Solvorn and hike Nigard Glacier overnight in Solvorn
- June 15 - Solvorn - more hiking - any suggestions can we kayak here? Anything else to do while in Solvorn?
- June 16 -drive to Aurland and go to stave church and outlook - or drive to Flam and take train up to Myrdal and bike ride down
- June 17- Fjord cruise Aurland to Gudvagen - should we stay in Voss that night ? Fish or hike next day and then proceed Bergen night of June 18
- June 18 -Drive from Voss to Bergen after activities in Voss - stay in Bergen
- June 19 - fly out of Bergen

As mentioned above, we can fly into Oslo if it makes sense to take a look at the museums for a 1-2 day and then take the train to Flam and do the fjord cruise and make our way to Bergen and pick up car in Bergen.

Any suggestions? I would love to incorporate the hike that RS suggests in Jotunheimen mountains - Besseggen Trail or Spierstulen drive and hikes and certainly am willing to cut out Aurland and Voss stay if that makes sense . Any suggestions are welcome.

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I’m no help, but I am following along! We are heading that way May 31 - June 14. Flying in and out of Copenhagen I believe.

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I'm no help either. I just booked a RT ticket for June 12 - Aug 2 with no clue what I'm going to do. Looking for ideas.

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Rick's guide to Scandinavia covers the Norway-in-a-Nutshell options around Flam in pretty decent detail. You'd need to check on current schedules, of course, because no human being could keep up with them in the time of COVID.

There have been some fairly detailed posts in the Norway forum in the past. I think it would be worth your while to scroll back through the last few years. Even pre-COVID, there weren't that many posts on Norway. I've read them all (and I do mean all), and I thought it was very much worth my time to do so.

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To those on this thread……if you are still struggling with your itinerary, I might suggest using Brekke Travel to assist. We used them for our trip to Norway in 2018 and they were great. Just google. They are located in Grand Forks, ND. Costs you nothing, they get their money from hotels etc.

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Careful about planning to drive over mountainous areas. We took a Norway North Cape cruise that stopped in 6 ports. The first port was Geiranger in mid-June. We took a tour up to the mountains overlooking the amazing fjord.

We saw lots of snow there and our guide told us that a week earlier there had been a snow storm that closed all the roads for several days.