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Itinerary help for Norway/Iceland/Copenhagen trip!!!

Hey guys,
Myself and 2 friends are going to visit Norway in July with a full day (NOT overnight) layover in Iceland. We're thinking about squeezing in Copenhagen for 1 night as well. 9 days total. Can you guys please help me look over my itinerary? I have the tendency to overload my schedule but as long as it's doable, we'll do it! We like being busy, haha and want to see as much as we can...

Thanks in advance!

7/15 9pm flight from Boston to Iceland
7/16 6am land in Iceland --> Blue Lagoon, etc. --> 1AM flight to OSLO
7/17 6am land in Oslo -- Explore & Overnight in Oslo
7/18 Morning flight to Copenhagen -- Explore & Overnight
7/19 Fly to Bergen -- Overnight in Eidfjord or Bergen as homebase??
7/20 HikeTrolltunga -- Overnight same place as ^
7/21 Fly to Stavanger -- Overnight
7/22 Kjeragbolten hike OR, Pulpit Rock hike
7/23 Free day but need to fly back to Oslo for last night - overnight in Oslo
7/24 8am departure to Boston


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Looks like you are doing a lot of flying. If you are already locked with purchased air travel to/from Oslo via Iceland, consider dropping Copenhagen and concentrating on Norway. Sounds like you are are on Icelandic Air.

If you haven't purchased air travel, consider dropping Iceland. SAS hubs through Copenhagen and Norwegian Air has cheap and direct flights to CPH. Use Copenhagen as your first multi-leg stop the fly to OSL. Train for Oslo to Bergen with the Norway in a Nutshell route (Oslo-Mydral-Flam-Gudvangen-Voss-Bergen route. You will see more of Norway at ground level than flying to Bergen. Possible to do Oslo to Bergen in one long day. After the hiking, fly from Bergen via Oslo or Copenhagen.

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Our flight to and from Oslo are booked along with the Iceland that part can't be changed...and we really want to go to copenhagen as well, for 1 night...and perhaps do the Norway in a Nutshell tour on the 23rd and have it take us back to Oslo late that night...I hope this is doable...

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You say if it's doable, you'll do it.

It would not be doable for me. You are going to fly overnight, spend the day in Iceland, fly overnight again, spend the day in Oslo, then finally sleep? Then get up and fly and spend whatever is left of the day in Copenhagen, then sleep and get up and go back to the airport and fly again? I'm not sure how that is doable for anyone.

But if you are committed to doing it, best of luck! I can offer you no suggestions, except take a few days off when you get home, because you're going to need a vacation!

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Where in the world would you squeeze in Copenhagen? Your itinerary is already too fast paced for me. You just haven't left enough time to see the places you are stopping, and all that moving around will wear you out.

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Not doable. This is a terrible way to travel - it's against my very ethos as a traveler to breeze through places like this.
one is invariably exhausted and distracted (not to mention jetlagged) the whole time and you never really get to absorb the atmosphere of a place nor explore the quiet corners, which are the pleasures of traveling.

Your first five days include five different towns and four countries. Save your money and just look at Google Images.

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My advice: Keep your trip as it is, but:

  1. forget Copenhagen.
  2. Iceland is a wonderful place to visit, and you won't see it, however you can do Blue Lagoon as a jetlag cure while you're there.
  3. Use 7/18 to sleep and care for yourself, you aren't going to feel like getting another plane so soon.

The norway itinerary sounds almost plausible but a lot of hiking and moving around. I consider a travel day NOT a sightseeing day, really.