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Itinerary help

Hi! My husband and I will be coming to Norway in June for 10 days. We have a rough itinerary suggested from a blog we read of where we would like to go during the trip and hikes we want to do. We are in our early 30s and love to hike, kayak, explore so we are so excited to see what Norway has to offer. We will be renting a car and doing a lot of driving. We haven't nailed down places to stay yet so we are very flexible. Would love some suggestions if this is too much in 10 days? if it's doable? or anything else we should add or not do. Thanks in advance!

  1. Arrive in Oslo, fly to Stavanger
  2. Pulpit Rock hike
  3. Kjeragbolten hike
  4. Fly Stavanger to Bergen, spend the day in Bergen
  5. Trolltunga hike
  6. Norway in a nutshell (Flam)
  7. Geiranger
  8. Geiranger
  9. Alesund
  10. Fly to Oslo
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I think the first part of your trip is fine!
I'm assuming that you are thinking of renting a car in Bergen and then driving from there to Alesund?
Going to Flam with a car takes you quite a ways out of the way and also involves multiple car ferries. I it were me, I would skip's nice but not nearly as spectacular as the area around Alesund/Geiranger. To be honest, I'm not even sure if you can drive to Flam?? I'll let someone else who knows better speak to that one. I've only taken the train.
Have you considered flying from Bergen to Alesund and renting a car from there? With a 10 day itinerary you don't want to use a whole day of your trip driving Bergen/Flam/Alesund. Flying will also be cheaper than renting a car in the long run when you factor in the cost of gas, the cost of the car ferries you will have to take, and the price of the rental car.
My suggestion would be to eliminate Flam and add a day to the Alesund area.
Here's what I would do...
6. Fly to Alesund...see the town in the afternoon. Have a nice dinner.
7. Rent a car and drive to Magerholm - ferry to Sykkylven - drive to Hellesylt - ferry through the fjord to Geiranger - amazing, amazing, amazing! Spend the night in the town of Geiranger.
8. Drive to Eidsdal - ferry to Linge - drive over the Trollstigen Pass. One of the most spectacular drives in Norway. Lots of natural beauty along the way and the pass itself is unlike anywhere I've ever been before or since. If you want to hike in the area there are plenty of trails. Spend the night in Andalsnes.
9. Drive back to Alesund...return the car. Go up the funicular for a sunset view over the city. Have a nice dinner.
10. Fly back to Oslo.
The ferry system in Norway is efficient. You just get in line with your car, drive on, and pay the attendant who will come to your car window. The rest of the ride you are free to walk around or have something in the cafe. Do budget for these though...the ferries are surprisingly pricey, especially the one up the Geirangerfjord. There are no multi-day passes available; just point-to-point rides.

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Hi Anita,
Thank you for your response. We were thinking of renting a car in Bergen and driving to Alesund. I was worried about that since it is a long trek and like you said, days are precious. Do you think we will miss out if we skip the norway in a nutshell tour? I'm not huge on tours but that seems to be very popular. Also, do you think we need two days in Geiranger still? It looks breathtakingly beautiful!

I like your suggestions and I'll look more into it tonight. Can you give me a rough estimate of what the ferries will run through the Geirangerfjord area?

Thank you!!

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I have never done the Norway in a Nutshell tour...I'm sure it's nice but I have also been to the fjords in that area and up to Flam as well and, although it is quite beautiful, the area around Geiranger and Trollstigen is far more grand and stunning! This NIN tour seems to be for people who don't have very much time and want a quick peek at what Norway has to offer...

I think if you spend one day riding the ferry through the Geirangerfjord and then exploring the area around the town it's enough time there. You really can't see much of the fjord from the town of Geiranger and there are always big cruise ships belching smoke parked in the way of the view anyway! Take the second day and drive to of the most beautiful roads I've ever been on...stunning cataracts, waterfalls, forests, and the pass is unbelievable.

On the way to Trollstigen you can stop at the lookout above the town of Geiranger that has stunning views over the east end of the fjord...other than that it's not visible from the town.

Here's the Geirangerfjord ferry's from 2015 but I'm sure it will be similar this year. We paid about $120 one way - the car/driver + 2 people. This is the most expensive ferry in the area as it's huge and is very popular. The regular commuter ferries in the area of Alesund and the Sunmore Alps run between $15 - $45 for a one-way trip depending on the route and how long it is.

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Ok, thank you.

Are the lookouts in Geiranger hard to find? I've seen many photos

I have one more question.. do you think that staying somewhere different each night will be too exhausting? Just a thought..

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions! I think we are going to use your idea of flying from Bergen to Alesund and exploring from there. =)

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The trailhead for Trolltunga is about 5hrs from Stavanger and 4hrs to Bergen. You might consider to keep your car and go to Trolltunga between Stavanger and Bergen. Be sure to read up on driving on single track roads before you drive in western Norway.

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Also, if you haven't yet, check out It's the website for Norway's hiking organization. It lists trails and cabins that you can stay in around the entire country. Some are rustic, but others are full service lodges like this one at the trailhead for the Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) hike that you're interested in:

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@Nordheim, thanks for the heads up! We are planning to stay in Eidfjord or Tyssedal the night before Trolltunga. Do you recommend one over the other?

We are still trying to figure out if it's worth doing the round trip Norway in a nutshell tour tour from Bergen in one day. Does anyone have opinions as to if it's worth it given we would be jamming it out in one day and we are also planning to see Geirangerfjord.. We are thinking to drive back to Bergen after doing Trolltunga the day before but those are two long days back to back.