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Is this too much travel? Oslo to NIN, Bergen to Copenhagen.

I am in the very early stages of planning a 7 night trip. Our daughter will be spending Spring 2015 semester in Copenhagen so we would like to visit her and spend most of our time in Copenhagen. 7 days seems like a bit much for Copenhagen so was hoping that we may be able to work in the fjords. We probably will never get to this part of the world again.
Is there any way to work in NIN in the first 2 nights of our trip or maybe 3 at most.?
I have also posted similar question on other forums.


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I haven't done this but you could look into this itinerary:

DGDS ferry overnight Copenhagen to Oslo
Day 1: Spend day/overnight in Oslo.
Day 2: Norway Nutshell Oslo to Bergen via fiords. Overnight in Bergen.
Day 3: Bergen. Afternoon/evening flight back to Copenhagen.

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I'll let others advise you on the possibility of doing this, but it sounds like a lot of travel to me. I personally would spend all 7 days in Denmark.

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Hi Linda,

I answered your other post under Denmark, which I suggested basically the same itinerary as Edgar. It can be done, but will be a busy 3-days.

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As Rich notes, you would have a busy three days but those three days would be pretty relaxing other than watching your time to not miss boat, train or plane. Relaxing because Oslo and Bergan (at least the tourist attractions) are very compact and walkable, Oslo has a effective transit system and you will be for the most party sitting on the Nutshell tour. No strenuous trekking. Just pack light. If you overnight in Oslo before the Nutshell you can leave your bag/pack at the hotel if you arrive in the morning.

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We just got back from two weeks in DK, NOR, and SWE. We covered a lot of ground and used the RS Scandinavia book as our "bible."

We started in Copenhagen and made our way up Bergen for the Nutshell (between Bergen and Oslo). We got to Bergen by traveling by train up Jutland to Hirtshals (northern tip of Denmark). Along the way we stopped in Odense and Aarhus - several neat things to see there. We took a ferry (12 hours, overnight) to Stavanger, then flew from Stavanger to Bergen. The Nutshell package is awesome, even in the misty Fall weather in October.

But... the ferry ride was ROUGH. 12 hours of 15 foot swells meant you could hardly stay on the bed without falling off. It was that way the entire trip - there was a hurricane in the North Sea that night. So we didn't sleep and were somewhat tired when we arrived in Bergen.

My advice - FLY from Copenhagen to Bergen (you may have to go thru Stavanger). Otherwise you'll spend a precious day-plus on ships and trains - which is not bad, but not desirable if you only have 7 days.

Copenhagen is awesome - we started and ended their. The Nutshell tour was our second most enjoyable part of the trip. So if you can work an efficient flight itinerary - go for it. If not, train and ferry take a lot of time - Norway is a big country! You could spend 7 days easily in DK taking day trips out of Copenhagen on the trains... the rail pass is a real bargain. Enjoy!