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Is there a public bus ride on the steep hairpin bends of Stalheimskleiva

I am looking for information on locations of the pickup and drop off and timetable of public bus ride on the steep road of Stalheimskleiva, any information would be appreciated. Travel in mid July 2019.

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Thanks, Mark. Reading the timetables, I can't tell...I can only guess and guessing is not good enough for our tight time in Norway, I need help translation, please...
So we'll be driving...we'll be in Flam and Gudvangen on Thursday of July cruise, Flambana starting at 13 ending at 18:30, what bus schedules for the Stakheimskleiva ride can be fit in before and after the cruise/train? Another question: should we drive on Stakheimskleiva? or park at Stalheim hotel and walk on Stakheimskleiva? We are a group of 3, my husband, myself and my adult son in a rental intermediate car, from my reading, it's a one way street road, after this we'll be driving to Bergen.

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I am not a local, not a travel agent and do not understand your setup. You are on a cruise but your son has a rental car? If he has a rental car: why he does not pick you up in Flam? It is 30 mins by car.

Based on your last info you need Flam on the bus ride forget the first mentioned bus.

Another bus line is NW 162 by Nor-Way with a stop at E16: No morning option.

I doubt if Netbuss VY450 stops at / around Stalheim.

I drove Stalheimskleiva two times with own car which is a real experience. It is an entry / exit to / from an old mountain pass road - now simply bipassed by tunnels of E16. It is one-way from south to north. Personal impressions: 1, 2, 3. It ends at E16 and you can turn right to Flam and left to Voss (Bergen). For sure there is a walkway - well signed - I did not hike it.