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Is the trip to Bergen from Oslo worth it when you don't have a ton of time?

Hi Everyone. My boyfriend and I are travelling to Norway/Sweden this September so we are still researching what to do while we are there since there is still plenty of time. We plan on flying from the states to Oslo and being in Norway for about 3-4 days and then Sweden for 3-4 days. Dates are sept 6 (red eye from the states) to sept 13 or 14th.

I've seen different travel blogs where they go from Oslo to Bergen in a 3 day period but with it being at least a 7 hour trip, is it worth it? Since we're going in September, we'll have less crowds but also less daylight. I really want to see the fjords while I am there and Bergen sounds beautiful but I also don't want to rush from one thing to the next and not truly enjoy the scenery/city.

For Sweden, we were thinking about just staying in Stockholm but if anyone has any must sees, please let me know!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do in Norway and Sweden in those time frames?

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Have either of you ever been to Europe before? Have you gone to the library and read an older copy of our newsboard's operator, Rick Steves, Scandinavia book? It's really helpful for finding the high points on a first visit. Are your researching Open-Jaw flights?

Anyone's first and last days are almost washouts (do you know you have to be at the airport three hours early?), so that leaves you maybe three nights (of touring) and three nights (of touring) in another. That could be only 2 1/2 days of sightseeing in each. Before deciding, you might want to look up what "Norway in a Nutshell" is, and whether it interests you. Can you afford to stay downtown, or will you need transit time every day to start sightseeing? The major cities of those two countries are very attractive and interesting, so you should not be ashamed to only visit two places.

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Your mistake is flying to Oslo forcing a return trip to Bergen. If you want to see Bergen then fly there to start your vacation. Another option is to fly Bergen to Stockholm, but factor in airport ground transportation costs in your decision since just getting to Oslo and Stockholm airports is expensive.

I think most people would add an extra day to Norway in your situation. Also rethink the very short time frame and the excuses you are making to yourself to justify it. The only time I have taken such a short trip to Europe was to take advantage of a $450 airfare and I stayed in one location.

From most of the US (today only!) there are $500 fares to Inverness for September and visiting Scotland in an 8 day period might be more satisfying than 2 very large countries.

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It's the journey, not the destination. Consider the Norway in a Nutshell route: Train from Oslo across the Hardangervidda, Flam railway to the fjord, boat through narrow Nærøyfjord, bus and train to Bergan. You could then fly from Bergen to Stockholm.

I should add that if you are time constrained, you could do the one-way Nutshell Oslo to Bergan via Flam and Nærøyfjord in one day. Depart Oslo on the 8:25 AM train arriving in Bergan before 8 PM. The train section from Voss to Bergan may be in the dark but its the least interesting secion of the Nutshell route.

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I think you should pick 2 destinations only. For example, Oslo and Norway in a Nutshell to Bergen. Or Oslo and Stockholm. Or Stockholm and Copenhagen. You could also justify one destination capital city plus 2 day trips. I have been to all of these cities and if it was my trip I would go to Stockholm and take a few day trips from there. If you really want to focus on fjords, you should spen the whole trip in Norway and see Sweden on a different trip.

Have a great time and let us know what you decide and then come back and tell us about your trip please.