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Is Norway on a Nutshell worth the cost?

We'll be in Oslo for 3 nights in July. I was looking forward to seeing a bit more of the country by doing the Norway in a Nutshell trip - until I saw the price! It looks like it's about $350 pp for the one day, round trip excursion? Is it really worth the cost??

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Value is subjective. Is your one day round trip Oslo to Bergan returning on the night train? If yes, you are partly offsetting the cost by saving the price of a room. And Oslo hotel rooms for two cost more than a room for one.

Keep Iin mind that Norway is now a prosperous country with a stranard of living higher than North Americans. Many of us North Americans traveling in Norway feel like second world travelers, especially when we order a beer with a Pepe's pizza.

Is the Nutshell trip worth it? Only if you enjoy seeing and feeling spectacular scenery from the comfort of a train and boat with a short coach ride.

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I'd rather save money by buying all my meals at the supermarket than miss the experience of the fjords that many people consider the highlight of Norway.

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Thanks for your replies! We decided to do the tour but to do it in two days with an overnight in Flam. We realized part of the reason we were questioning the trip was the long day in addition to the price. I did figure out it doesn't cost as much when you book the prepaid tickets online for the Oslo-Bergen line portion as well.