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Is 10 minutes enough time to transfer from bus to boat in Flam?

We made reservation the Naerofjord cruise at 13:30 from Gudvangen, the bus arrive to Gudvangen at 13:20, so we have 10 mn transfer from bus to boat, any chance that we miss the boat? The visitflam web site says that 'The distance between the quayside and bus station in both Flåm and Gudvangen is less than 100 metres...'

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It is very close to walk between the bus and the boat and they are so used to people doing this route that they expect people so they have the times of the boats/buses/trains to coordinate with each other.

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Yes, enough time as long as the bus doesn't have a "flat tire". Flam is a very small and compact village.

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Just did this trip in reverse. All of these buses, boats and trains coordinate with each other.

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We did the reverse recently (late July). We booked the public bus (not the Norway in Nutshell one) from Gudvangen that does not come close to the ferry. The bus stop is on highway E16 about 7-10 minutes walk from the ferry. Also, our ferry arrived on time. But the bus was late by about 30 minutes. Have a plan B in case bus arrives late (perhaps a taxi to Flam?).