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Information on Customs/Checkins at OSL

Hello Travelers! First time international traveler here.

We'll be traveling late September to Europe for the first time (very excited!). On our way home, we'll be flying from Amsterdam to Oslo (SAS flight) which arrives at Oslo at 12:40 PM. We then will catch a Norwegian flight to Oakland, CA at 3:40 PM that same day. I'm hoping a three hour time difference between the flights will be adequate time, however am I missing anything that we need to do at the airport that may take up significant time? Do we need to go through customs for any of the countries? Or maybe go through new security or check in lines? No checked baggage, only carryon, so that will help at the very least! :) Thank you for your help!

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The flight from Amsterdam is intra-Schengen, no passport control.
The airline and security will want to see your passport as an ID check.

Will you already have a boarding card for your second flight from Oslo? If not, you will have to go to the check-in counter at Oslo.

Forget customs. Customs is only ever a random check, and there is no customs when exiting a country anyway.
The only bit of bureaucracy you will hit is passport control. This will happen when you exit the Schengen Area in Oslo.

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Statistically speaking you should be OK.

SAS 822 On-time Performance Rating

Avg. Delay: 18 min

This flight has an average delay of 18 minutes with a standard
deviation of 18.69 minutes. Statistically, when taking into
consideration sample size, standard deviation, and mean, this flight
has delay performance characteristics better than 90% of other

However today's (18 May) flight landed 60 minutes late.

(SK) SAS 822 (AMS) Amsterdam, NL to (OSL) Oslo, NO Status: Landed -
Delayed 60 minutes Last change to status more than 3 hours ago

DEPARTURE ARRIVAL Scheduled Departure: Scheduled Arrival: 10:50 AM -
Thu May-18-2017 12:40 PM - Thu May-18-2017

Actual Departure: Actual Arrival: 11:49 AM - Thu May-18-2017 1:40 PM -
Thu May-18-2017

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I'm less worried about time to make this separate-ticket connection, and more about any SAS delay making you lose the Norwegian flight home.

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A point of terminology: Americans often use the word "customs" to mean "immigration," but these are two different things.

Immigration (passport control) is control of people. You will not go through immigration flying from Amsterdam to Oslo, since they are both in Schengen. You will go through passport control (emigration in this instance) upon leaving Oslo, since this is your exit point from the Schengen zone.

You will go through immigration on arrival in Oakland. You will then pick any checked luggage and go through customs (see next below).

Customs is control of goods. You will go through customs flying from Amsterdam to Oslo since the Netherlands is in the EU and Norway is not. However, in Europe this is just a matter of walking through the Green Channel Nothing To Declare line. Unless you are "randomly selected for additional screening" (rare but possible), you're done.

You will go through customs arriving in Oakland. This is not a walk-through; everyone has to get in line to hand their form to the customs official, who looks at it and decides if you warrant additional screening.

Security is a third thing. I don't know if you have to go through security when changing planes in Oslo on separate tickets. Any time you go through security, you will use your passport as your ID; this is not the same as passport control (they won't scan or stamp it).

As for the risks of using separate tickets in this situation (per Andre L's post), here's a good summary: