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Include Lofoten islands in a 14 day trip?

Would you recommend including the Lofoten islands on a 14 day trip exclusively to Norway - possibly flying from Alesund to Bodo then ferrying across?

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Hey ! I've seen your topic on the web, and decided to sign up on this forum to bring you some informations :)
I recommend you Lofoten, it's really amazing, there are a lot of beautiful landscapes ... It's absolutly breathtaking !
BUT it's really expensive there, and people are not known for their kindness aha

Now, if you are going there just for some photos and take along islands the ferry, why not, but you are going to miss the real purpose of the Lofoten : Hiking !
Evenif you are not really equipped, you can do some easy walk alone ( other services offered by some agencies are too expensive, but well runned).
I was there a few times with some friends, and we really enjoy our travel there ( and you can take amazing pics <3 ).

Now, you probably done this trip, I'v seen just right now that you posted it in March ... Well, I'm still writing in case you don't have done this roadtrip, or it can be usefull for other backpackers :)

But by experience, visit the website " " . It's really usefull, and add to , your trip will be completed !

Now you have other website like " " (Cocorico, they are French, like me :p ) , it's not commercial and have some goods news and informations about Lofoten.

See u soon !

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Thank you for the feedback and tips. We have not taken the trip - we leave next week. I will use the information you provided. Again, thank you.